Pavilion Nordico

Open Call

PAVILION NORDICO is now accepting applications for our new residency program as well as project proposals for our public program in Buenos Aires for the period 2019-2020.


  • We accept applications both from individual creators as well as from collectives, groups and organisations.
  • Project proposals and residency applications are not mutually exclusive. You may submit one or both of them.
  • Who can apply?

    Creators living or working in the Nordic region or citizens of the Nordic region living abroad.

    International creators can apply via one of the two thematic spots: ‘socially and politically engaged art’ or ‘environment’ or by proposing a project for the PAVILION NORDICO public program.
  • We welcome applications from creators of all backgrounds (including but not limited to visual, performing and sound art, literature & academia, activism, and food).
  • This is a rolling call with no fixed deadline. However we encourage applicants to submit applications as early as possible.


The PAVILION NORDICO residency program is open to up to 10 Nordic and international creators who want to immerse themselves in South American art and culture to work on a distinct creative project.

Our residency is situated in a historic villa in the district of Barracas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, that includes private bedrooms, studio space, a gallery for exhibitions, a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom and a rooftop terrace.

Each residency period lasts up to one full month (4 weeks) from March 1st until December 30th, 2019. The PAVILION NORDICO villa can host up to four residents at a time, as well as additional guests of the public program.

The residency program covers accommodation for the selected residents and also offers travel grants, and includes access to the studio space and gallery. All other costs must be covered by the residents themselves or external funding sources. PAVILION NORDICO is happy to support residents applying for additional funding with invitation letters.


The PAVILION NORDICO public program consists of multidisciplinary, multinational art and culture events that bring together Nordic, Argentinian and international creators. The public program can include workshops, talks, exhibitions, dinners, musical performances, readings and more that involve Nordic creativity and values and closely engage with the local community in Argentina. If your project is selected for the public program, PAVILION NORDICO will discuss the further development, conditions, and funding with you based on your specific needs. Proposals can be made for the period 2019-2020.


To apply, please send one or both of the following completed PDF forms to

In your email, please attach only the completed PDF form(s). Applications with incomplete forms or further attachments will not be accepted.

Applications will be checked by the PAVILION NORDICO team on a regular basis, with an independent jury deciding on which residents and projects to include in our program. Further information on creators and projects might be requested. Applicants will be informed of the jury‘s decisions by email within three months of submission.